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Thanks to our honorable clients worldwide, a reliable and hardworking team, as well as consistent quality, success stories have been seen one after another in more than 30 countries.

Your preferred supplier of Industrial Blades and Machine Knives. In the year of 1988,we were born as a forging company serving companies that make machine knives and wear parts. Now today, it is 28 years away,we make knives and blades in our own house while keeping the tradition,which makes us become one of the very few companies that possess in-house forging process. From a humble beginning to a modernized factory, from a small variety of products to a full line of knife parts and tooling, including the world’s longest and largest designs, SKS has been working aggressively, during its fast growth,by incorporting some more divisions and workshops where different knives and different processes are handled, which greatly enchances our manufacturing and supply capabilities,and competitiveness as well.

Cut your products as well as your costs. While we supply affordable cutting knives, we are always trying to work out ideas, ways, solutions to help our customers save - a correct grade of steel, the right heat treatment, longer servicing life, less downtime, less labor etc.We are prepared to survey, investigate or examine all of your cutting applications and offer you the very best solutions to help improve your cutting performance. This, of course, means added value to your products.

You can count on us. Choosing us means that you are not alone. We have the whole team working behind you, Service, Engineering, Production, QC, Logistics,on each individual order from you. Our staff are trained to handle all orders by adhering to specific sets of processes, however big or small,from entering an order to delivery. Our operation system is set up and run aiming at a sound,reliable and long-term partnership. We want to do business with you, and we want you to be happy working with the company.

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